Ricardo Willson


Bachelor in Design Management and Visual Communication.
Universidad Santa María, Guayaquil - Ecuador.

Post graduate degree in Branding and Strategic Communication.
Universidad Mayor, Santiago de Chile - Chile.

Visual Communicator from Guayaquil. He completed his studies in Design and Visual Communication at the Santa Maria University in Ecuador and in Strategic Communication and Branding at Universidad Mayor in Chile. 

He currently directs his design studio, RW / Visual Communication, in addition to keeping active in the academic field as a university professor, lecturer, and workshop instructor.  His Visual Communication approach puts the functional over the aesthetic, giving priority to the accuracy of the message in all his strategies.  Specialized in brand management and in the creation of corporate identity systems. 

His work has been recognized around the world, with publications in Latam-D, Colectivo Bicicleta, Macho Dominante, Awake, Sorry Zorrito, Cosas Visuales, Design Collector, Diseño en Ecuador, Package Inspiration, World Packaging Design and Packaging of the World.  He also has publications in the books "Logobook" of the Spanish publisher IndexBook and the Logolounge in its tenth edition. 

In 2016 he represented Ecuador in the 'Cultural Industries Market of the South - Micsur'; and in 2017, he participated as a guest in the 'Poster Biennial Bolivia 2017', as a workshop performer and exhibitor.

His honesty, the message as a sincere key of communication, and he always respects the concept on all of his his projects
— http://www.machodominante.es/ricardo-willson-es-branding/


Festival internacional de diseño ‘Cromía’
1st. Edition:
Graphic Design category winner.
Cuenca – Ecuador, 2013

Exhibition: "Ecuadorian Brands"
Guayaquil – Ecuador, 2012

Exhibition:  "Los 100 de Cromía"
Ibarra – Ecuador, 2014

Exhibition: "Fuerza Ecuador - Carteles de esperanza para reconstruir nuestro país"
Guayaquil – Ecuador, 2016

Mercado de Industrias Culturales del Sur - MICSUR Representative delegate of Ecuador in Graphic Design.
Bogotá - Colombia, 2016

Logolounge Vol. 10
Selected logo

Exhibition: "Ecuador mega diverse design"
La Paz - Bolivia

Exhibition: "Equinox: Design from the middle of the World"
La Paz - Bolivia

Guest BiCeBé 2017 - Biennial of Poster Bolivia.
La Paz - Bolivia


Conferences / Conferencias.

Foro-D, ideas de diseño.
"Brands are experiences"

Behance Reviews Guayaquil.
"Behance: A professional tool for designers" 

InSights Magazine – Logoteca.
"Brands as experience elements for consumers"

IDEPRO - Instituto de desarrollo profesional
"Developing successful brands"

"Branding for cocoa based startups"

Behance Reviews Santa Elena
"Mutant Brands"

IDEPRO - Instituto de desarrollo profesional
"Developing successful brands 2"

El Habitáculo
"Living from Graphic Design without die trying"



Branding for entrepreneurs.
RW – Workshops / 2015

Branding for digital ecosystems.
RW – Workshops / 2015

Branding in our digital era.
Bloxie School Ecuador / 2015

Branding for successful startups.
Bloxie School Ecuador / 2016

Branding: From the essential to the digital.
RW – Workshops / 2017

Functional and powerful brands.
BiCeBé 2017 - Biennial of Poster Bolivia.
La Paz - Bolivia